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Eye and Vision Exams

Vision Exams Whether you can’t remember the last time you had an eye exam, or you get one every year, our team at Eye Care Specialists of Florida in Kissimmee can Read More

How Lipiflow Treatment Can Help You

How Lipiflow Treatment Can Help Your Dry Eye Dry eye is an uncomfortable, often painful condition that can make everyday tasks more difficult. This condition is often caused by Meibomian Gland Read More

Macular Degeneration

Macular Degeneration Our ophthalmologist recommends regular eye exams to watch for macular degeneration and other eye conditions. Regular eye exams are important for everyone, regardless of age, but they become even Read More

Cataract Surgery

Don't Be Afraid of Cataract Surgery Getting any type of surgery can feel scary, but cataract surgery is one of the safest operations. Additionally, if you have severe cataracts, this procedure Read More

Is Blephex Treatment Right For You?

BlephEx Treatment May Be Right For You If You Suffer From Blepharitis For those who are unfamiliar with this particular treatment, BlephEx is a cutting-edge device for treating Blepharitis, which is Read More

Dry Eye Syndrome: Is Lipiflow Right For You?

Kissimmee Ophthalmologist Talks About Lipiflow: Is it Right for Your Dry Eye Syndrome? Dry eyes are a common condition. Most sufferers complain of itchy, stinging, and burning sensations. The condition occurs Read More

The Benefits of Choosing Surgery for Cataracts

The Benefits of Cataract Surgery from the Eye Care Specialists Of Florida It is important for everyone to take care of their eyesight. One of the most common problems that people Read More

Ophthalmologist vs Optometrist

Ophthalmologist vs Optometrist When it comes to properly taking care of our eyes who should we see an ophthalmologist or an optometrist? What is an ophthalmologist and what exactly is the Read More

What to Expect: Contact Fittings from Eye Care Specialists of Kissimmee, Florida

What to Expect: Contact Fittings Seeing a doctor for any reason can cause you to feel nervous. This includes your anticipation of undergoing a contact lens fitting. If you wonder why Read More

We Have Treatment Options for Your Cornea Anomalies at Our Kissimmee Location

Treatment Options for Your Cornea Anomalies If you have had vision problems or changes in your vision, do not delay a consultation with us at Eye Care Specialists Of Florida. We Read More

13 Healthy Vision Tips from our Ophthalmologist in Kissimmee, FL

Dr. Choudhri, our ophthalmologist at Eye Care Specialists of Florida always wants to raise patient’s awareness about the seriousness of eye care, and what steps are needed to protect and Read More

Treatment of Diabetic Eye Disease Eye Care Specialists of Florida

Treatment of Diabetic Eye Disease If you have experienced floating black spots of blurring faces and you have diabetes, you may have a condition known as diabetic retinopathy. The talented eye Read More

Common Symptoms of Glaucoma

Symptoms of Glaucoma Glaucoma is an eye condition that can deteriorate your vision. If it is not caught early, you may suffer from vision loss that cannot be regained. It is Read More

Benefits of Polarized Glasses

Benefits of Polarized Glasses Many people have a misconception of how polarized lenses work and what they actually do. Polarized glasses are designed to reduce glare, particularly glare that’s reflected off Read More

Cataract Surgery FAQs and Answers from our Kissimmee Eye Doctor

Cataract Surgery FAQs Here at the Eye Care Specialist of Florida, our Kissimmee ophthalmologist regularly treats patients with cataracts. If you are a senior or experiencing cloudy vision that does not Read More

Our Kissimmee Ophthalmologist Offers Comprehensive Eye Care Services

Comprehensive Eye Care Services When you come to Eye Care Specialists of Florida in Kissimmee, you have access to a wide variety of services. We can check your eyes for visual Read More

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