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Your Eye Doctor in Kissimmee Treats Dry Eyes with Oasis TEARS®

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Instead of constantly putting over-the-counter eye drops in your eyes for relief of dry eye symptoms, your eye doctor in Kissimmee recommends a preservative-free, eye lubricant called Oasis TEARS®. Providing extended symptom relief by lubricating and coating eye tissues, Oasis TEARS® keeps your eyes moist by re-coating your eyes every time you blink. Three different types of Oasis TEARS® are available to alleviate mild, moderate and severe dry eye irritation, itching, burning and minor pain. Following an evaluation of your dry eye condition, your eye doctor will prescribe an Oasis TEARS® product formulated to address the severity of your dry eye condition. Because Oasis TEARS® are longer lasting than other lubricating eye drops, you won't need to stop what you are doing every 30 minutes to put eye drops in your eyes.

How Oasis TEARS® Works to Increase Eye Moisture

A proprietary combination of glycerin (a humectant and lubricant) and viscoadaptive agents designed to keep tears on your eye's surface longer, Oasis TEARS® uses your blinking to spread drops evenly over ocular surfaces. When your eyelids are open, Oasis TEARS® ingredients are retained on the eyes to be released repeatedly during each blink. When you close your eyelids, the fluid nature of Oasis TEARS® allows the drops to thin out and spread completely over the surface of your eyes between blinks.

Dry Eye Conditions

Your eye doctor in Kissimmee may recomened Oasis TEARS® for dry eye due to

  • Aging/menopause
  • Computer vision syndrome (eye discomfort and dryness related to spending hours at a computer)
  • Post-LASIK surgery issues
  • Taking dehydrating medications necessary for treating medical problems
  • Lupus
  • Thyroid disorders
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Eyelid disorders that prevent eyelids from closing and opening normally

The availability of Oasis TEARS® means you no longer have to suffer from dry eyes or the ineffectiveness of over-the-counter artificial tears. Schedule an appointment with your eye doctor in Kissimmee today for an eye exam to diagnose and treat your dry eye symptoms.

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