Dry Eye Treatment

4 Effective Treatments for Dry Eye Symptoms

Dry eye is a condition that results when your eyes don’t produce enough quality of tears. This can lead to symptoms such as itching, blurred vision, redness, and a burning sensation in the eyes. In severe cases, dry eye can even lead to corneal damage. Visit us at Eye Care Specialists of Florida in Kissimmee, FL, for an examination and treatment. You can also learn about some treatments that are affective for this condition below:

1. Artificial Tears

Artificial tears are eye drops designed to replenish the moisture and lubrication of the eye. They are common treatments for dry eye and are meant to reduce symptoms and improve comfort. Artificial tears are available as a prescription or over-the-counter.

This treatment often contains various anti-inflammatory ingredients that reduce redness and discomfort. They also active ingredients that reduce evaporation and keep your eyes hydrated. Artificial tears are also generally safe and don’t have serious side effects. 

2. Warm Compressors

A warm compressor is a device that applies gentle heat to the eyelids to improve blood flow and produce tears. Warm compressors are typically small, handheld device that heat up when they are turned on. They work by increasing the amount of oxygen and nutrients that flow to the eye, reducing dry eye symptoms. 

The compressors can also help reduce inflammation, discomfort, and help with naturally draining tears. They should be applied several times a day for the best results. Also, the devices can be more effective when combined with other dry eye care therapies.

3. Punctal Plugs

Punctal plugs are small, silicone plugs inserted by our ophthalmologist into the tear ducts to reduce the evaporation of tears and retain the tear film. The plugs are available in both dissolvable and non-dissolvable forms. 

Punctal plugs can be an effective treatment for treating dry eyes, as they allow the eye to retain more of its natural moisture. They are also non-invasive and cause a minimal amount of discomfort. In addition, punctual plugs can be worn for up to six months, making them an excellent long-term solution for dry eye symptoms.

4. Restasis

Restasis is a prescription medication that treats chronic dry eye symptoms. It contains an active ingredient known as cyclosporine, which suppresses the part of the immune system that causes inflammation and damage to the tear glands.

Restasis is an eye drop treatment that is only available through a prescription. Restasis can sometimes cause common side effects such as burning, stinging, or eye itching. With our ophthalmologist’s guidance, you can manage these side effects properly.

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