Everything went well with my cataract operation and my vision is much improved. I was fully informed, both orally and in writing, about each step in the process. Both Dr. Choudhri and all members of her staff were courteous, knowledgeable and efficient; likewise the Hospital staff. I would have no hesitation about recommending Dr. Choudhri to anyone considering cataract surgery or, for that matter, any eye problem..


This is my 2nd cataract surgery with Dr. Choudhri and both experiences have been excellent. The surgery center was efficient and had no complaints there either. I highly recommend both.


Very satisfied with the surgery and with the specific pre-op and post-op instructions. The surgery center nurse is very skilled and I have to say it has been a good experience. A big thank you to Dr.Choudhri.


I had the eye cataract surgery (right side) with Dr. Saira Choudhri at Kissimmee Surgery Center. Excellent experience. All staff very helpful and the doctor is very professional. I am very glad to have my surgery with them. I recommend 100%.


I am very happy with my surgery. I've had surgery in both eyes already and everything went very well both times. The attention I received by the entire staff was great. Dr. Saira Choudhri is an wonderful doctor and person, God Bless her.


I am very happy. I liked the professionalism provided to me. My surgery went well and I am satisfied with Dr. Choudhri's performance. She is worthy of my recommendation.


I am very happy with the treatment I received in the office, the treatment I received from the nurses, secretary and doctor has been very professional. They are very patient, my wait was short and office is organized.


This was my second eye surgery with Dr. Choudhri and I just love her. I can’t say enough about her office staff who always make you feel as if you are family. My first surgery was at Kissimmee Surgery Center and everyone there was fabulous. The second surgery was at Poinciana Medical Center and they are just as fabulous. Everyone was attentive and concerned about my well being. I would never hesitate to recommend Dr. Choudhri to all of our friends and anyone who would ask me. Thank you all again!


I can’t believe the difference. Before the surgery, my vision was blurry but I had gotten used to it. Once the surgery was done, it was like a whole new world. Everything is so much brighter, so clear. It is incredible. Thank you for a process that was so smooth and seamless.


My experience was very good. The doctor and nurses were all very attentive, professional, and took very good care of me.


This is my second eye surgery. My doctor is Dr. Saira Choudhri. She is the best. Before my first surgery I could not see and the day after my surgery was surprising, I could see. Dr. Choudhri is very compassionabte and caring. I love her. I will recommend Dr. Choudhri to anyone who has cataracts. The staff at the surgical center was very great. They are such nice people, the nurses clerical staff and the anesthesiologist. Thanks for everything. The staff at this office is very nice. I want to thank them also. Without this office staff, I would not make it to the first and second eye surgery. Thanks again and God bless everyone.


Dr. Choudhri did a beautiful job. It was a short time. I was very scared. But all went beautifully. Dr. Choudhri was so nice and caring. I can’t wait for the other eye to be done. Thank you and your staff for the loving support. You are the best.


Everything was just great! Starting from the doctor’s office staff, the doctor, all the consultations, exams, and the surgery, everything was great! Even with the plastic cover on my eye, I already can see that I can see everything more clear and bright. A new world is standing in front of my eyes. I can’t wait to have the other eye done.

Maria Alvarez

I always look for excellent customer service, highly professional care and comfortable facility. Our experience met all our expectations.

David Garcia

Highly professional service and care.

Patricia Sereci

I called for an emergency visit. I was seen right away and the doctor, after her examination,did not hesitate to send me to a retina specialist where I had immediate laser surgery to repair a torn retina. Cannot thank her enough for her expertise.

Robin Aljamal

Very nice staff and very professional Doctor.

Eva Alfonso

The professionalism the cleanliness of the place and knowledgeable doctor love the staff great great great.

Jorge Berrios

Dr. Saira A. Choudhri operated me and my wife of bilateral cataracts 1and 1/2 year ago. All procedures were done perfectly, with no post operative complications, and with restoring normal vision! She also performed laser surgery on one of my eyes and one of my wife eyes with no complications! Her office staff and personnel have excellent Customer service, are very organized, she calls patients at the hour of the appointments, she explains your eye diseases with expertise, she is very humane and takes excellent care of you and explains everything you ask to her quickly! She is up to date on all eye diseases! It is our opinion that the Eye Care Specialists of Florida is the best eye care center in the world! I give thanks to God and the Virgin Mary for giving me the pleasure of knowing this Health Care professionals! I will recommend this place without hesitation!

Nasir Aziz

She's great, knows her stuff very well, I've been with this doctor for a while now and I have no intention of leaving, shes very good. I have visited other eye specialists over the years but I've never been comfortable with any one but her.

Tiffany Leighton

Everyone was knowledgeable and professional!

Diogenes Garcia

Very Good

Pam L

Dr. Choudhri was extremely professional and thorough with my eye exam. She explained all of the procedures to me and was very patient with my questions. The staff is also helpful, kind, and knowledgeable. I recommend this doctor.

Nelly Hernandez

Es el mejor lugar

Jorge B

Review done 04/18/14, 4 months ago I went to an evaluation with Dr. Saira Chroudhri and she told me I had cataracts which were mature and I was 20/200 with both eyes almost legally blind! On 03/11/14 she operated my left eye and on 04/15/14 she operated my right eye and she removed my cataracts and now I am 20/20 in both eyes without glasses! Dra. Choudhri is a excellent human beign, a excellent professional opthalmologist Surgeon and her staff in her office including lynn and her coworkers along with the staff in Ponciana Medical Center are the best in the world! I would recommend her to any person in USA for restoring any patient visual health! Looking forward to my wife bilateral cataracts surgery in the following months! THE EYE CARE SPECIALIST OF FLORIDA, LLC With Dr. Saira A Choudhri the best center for eye care in the World! May God and the Virgin Mary bless this place with Dr. Choudhri and her staff! Amen! In Spanish, Hace 4 meses que vi a la Dra. Saira Choudhri y me dijo que tenia cataratas maduras! Me opero el ojo izquierdo en marzo 11 2014 y el ojo derecho en Abril 15 2014 y me extrajo las cataratas y me puso 2 lentes Toricos y ahora veo 20/20 sin espejuelos! Le recomiendo a la Dra. Choudhri y su staff de oficina con lynn y el staff de Ponciana Medical Center a cualquier persona de Estados Unidos ya que la Dra. Choudhri es la mejor oftalmologa de Estados Unidos en mi opinion! Ella es excellente profesional y ser humano y estoy optimista de mi futura operacion de mi esposaen los proximos meses! Que Dios y la Virgen bendigan a la Dra. Choudhri y su staff de Eye Care Soecialist de Florida! Amen!

Ann Logan

Unexpected visit. All's well that ends well. Dr Saira was as always excellent.

Jeanette R.

Dr. Saira Choudhri is the best eye specialist I had the pleasure to ever met. I had cataract surgery on both my eyes with Dr. Choudhri, it was the best Experience I ever went through. she explained everything to me before and after surgery. she has the Best Staff in the world, very professional and I am truly grateful thank you very much. I recommended my sister to go there and I will recommend anybody who needs help with their eyes to go see Dr. Choudhri, Saira..

Ulkira Medica

Very good!

Jeanette. Ramirez

Dr. Saira Choudhri is the best eye specialist I had the pleasure to ever met. I had cataract surgery on both my eyes with Dr. Choudhri, it was the best Experience I ever went through. she explained everything to me before and after surgery. she has the Best Staff in the world, very professional and I am truly grateful thank you very much. I recommended my sister to go there and I will recommend anybody who needs help with their eyes to go see Dr. Choudhri, Saira..

Daniel Calderon

The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. Dr. Saira A Choudhri is an excellent doctor she saved my husband from going blind from his left eye when she found a corneal ulcer, she started treatment immediately and today my husband can still see from his left eye. We are very grateful! Dan & Liz Calderon, Saint Cloud, FL

Elizabeth C.

Dr. Saria A. Choudhri, saved my husband's left eye from going blind she took immediate action and started treatment immediately. We are very grateful! Parking is free :)

Vivian Baynard

I found the staff courteous and the atmosphere pleasant. The wait to see Dr. Choudhri was not long. All in all I had a good experience. Dr. Choudhri is the best she really cares for her patients and their well being. She explained everything that was taking place, I felt very comfortable with her. I would certainly recommend her to anyone,

Sofronio Navarrette

The receptionists and attendants are very accommodating and well-mannered. Dr. Choudri is very professional and compassionate. The office is clean.

Paula Szuch

seem to be well organized, friendly and willing to take the time to answer your questians

Gary Rose

My wife and I both had incredible experiences this year with our cataract surgeries - Dr. Choudri has such a personable style and the procedures were so much better than we had first anticipated.

Dwight Acosta

Great doctor, great staff and great office. Fast easy and efficient

Vickie Torres

Very nice and enjoyable.

Constance Lykes

Had a very good experience. Competent staff and skilled professionals always make me feel comfortable.

Amber Steed

First time patient! Lovely building, front desk staff very helpful and friendly! Entire staff was awesome!

Gabrielle Thomas

I truly enjoy my visits to Dr. Choudhri. Her staff seems to change upon each of my visits, but no matter they all are professional and welcoming. One staff member that is a constant is Lynn! LOVE that Lynn! Dr. Choudhri is a gem! She remembers all of her patients, thus giving that "personal touch"! I recommend her to everyone I meet looking for an eye doctor.

Marilyn Zadlo


Donnette Mathieson

I always enjoy my visits to the Eye Care Specialists Of Florida. Dr. Saira is great n the staff treat you in a friendly n very professional manner. I would recommend this Office to my family n friends.

Beatriz Grisales

I am very happy the atention from all staff, made me feel the care are excellente. No waiting long time, and the Dr. Saira A. Choudhri take care personally and explain what it is going on in my career.

Stephen Starr

It was pleasant and speedy and very informative, the staff were all very cordial.

Octavia Hendrickson

The service was quick you did not have to wait long hours to be serve

Richard Huyett

Dr. Choudhri is very professional and her staff is friendly and make you feel comfortable

Sharron Nava

La mejor experiencia que hemos tenido en un consultorio medico de cualquier categoria el personal super professional amables tratan also pacientes como personas no como dinero no se diga la doctora professional atenta y sobre todo ama su profession trato a mi hija con mucha paciencia mucho mejor que su pediatric eso es por que la doctora es apacionada a su profecion

Luis Perez

Very good experience starting with the receptionist to the technician and Doctor Choudri. The staff was professional and courteous.

Pat Annunziata

I started as a patient of Dr.Choudhri about 4 years ago. This past year I recently had cataract surgery. I had every confidence in Dr. Choudhri but I was still fearful of the surgery. She patiently encouraged me and waited until I was ready. And I am so glad that I had the surgery done. I am writing this the day after my second cataract was removed, writing without glasses! My eyesight has been restrored to better than I ever expected. She is a fine physician and her staff is as wonderful & professional as she is. They have all been a blessing to me. Ursula

Charles J. Chick Sartini

From the time you go into the office until you leave you are surrounded by professional, courteous,and friendly staff. When we first talked with Lynn on the phone 2 years ago right away we knew this was the eye care place to go. The Doctor is a very intelligent women, that I put trust in her decision on whatever she states is needed for my eyes. I was Blessed besides being thankful to Doctor Aparna Hernandez for recommending Doctor Saira A. Choudhri

Sonia Albelarez

All my questions well responded.all the staff attend and very nice.

Jorge Berrios

On 06/11/15, I was done laser surgery to my left eye. Dr. Saira Chroudhri and Lynn and office staff took care of me with excellent customer services and the procedure was very fast, She explained to me what she was going to do before, during and after the surgery which was a complete success! Now I have excellent vision! No post operative complications! In my opinion, Dr Saira Chroudhri and staff are the best eye care center in Florida and the world! I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone with eye diseases

Olga Diaz

The doctor and her staff are pleasant and professional. I have recommended her, last year, to a family member, whom went to her and she liked her. So yes, I would recommend her.

Loretta Lewis-Perez

I enjoy my visits to Eye Care Specialist and I would definitely recommend them to any of my friends asking about eye care. They are very friendly and take very good care of you while in their service.

Deen Khederoo

What a pleasant experience. Dr. Choudhri and staff are professional but make you feel very relaxed and comfortable. Highly recommended.

Samuel Williams

My visit today was quick, efficient and very professional.

Parmawattie Mohamed

The staff and doctor is very friendly,would recommend it to anyone.

Ali Syed

friendly stuff and great Dr Choudhury!

Loretta Lewis-Perez

I enjoy my office visits. Dr. Sara is a great eye doctor and takes extra special care with her patients. She has a good attitude and her personality shows through whenever you see her. All of the young ladies on her staff are great and when you come in they greet you with a Hello and a smile. They make sure that before you leave you have all of your information and any information you may need for other physicians or your own files. The confirmation of appointment emails are great. If you forgot your appointment, they bring it right back to the forefront of your brain so you can be sure to enter it on your personal calendar. I appreciate all of my visits to Eye Care Specialist.

Dan Jackson Sr.

Extremely professional staff. Well run office. The doctor makes you feel like a special person not just a patient.

Stephen McKim

I was treated by all staff with caring, made me feel like I was very important to them. The doctor is great, very knowledgeable, made me very comfortable preparing for surgery, would recommend this doctor to anyone!!

Sheila Maritz

I have been coming to see the doctor for a few years. She is great and the office staff is always pleasant.

Dennise Moya

Great doctor and staff

Vinette C.

How refreshing it is to call a doctor's office, speak to polite, professional people. The doctor is excellent and instills confidence. I leave knowing that I have received the best possible care.

Ines Villanueva

My experience at Eye Care Specialists was a great one. The Dr. Choudhri and her staff are very professional. The office is conveniently located and I was very happy to know that they also have an Optical within their office. Thank you very much for being so helpful. I definitely will return to see them.

Marcos Rodriguez

Good staff services and a very good doctor i highly recomend this doctor.

Alistair S.

Excellent service. Referred by my doctor and has an appointment same day. Friendly courteous staff and seen within a few minutes if my appointment time. Dr. Saira Choudhri was excellent and I will be using again. I can highly recommend.

Hopeton M.

Eye Care Specialist of Florida provide me Cataract treatment needs with a Surgeon and staff of Professional knowledge and expertise which was quite evident, that allows for exceptional healing process. HM


Dr Saira is very impressive in a calm, efficient and professional manner. She has an effective and knowledgable staff.


Dr. Saira Choudhri and her staff are the best and the nicest health care faclity I ever had the pleasure of meeting, The Doctor is so up to date on eye care and is the best eye surgen anyone could find. I loved the care and concerns they have for there patients.

Tere Pizarro

I had the pleasure to be treated by such a professional health care at Eye Care Specialist Of Flirida, LLC and Dr. Saira A. Choudhri, Mrs. Lynn and her office staff were they treated me with excellent customer service by the Dr. And personnel before, during and after my left eye cataract surgery on July, 8, 2014. Then the day of the Surgery I met the excellent, awesome and amazing staff and person nel at Poinciana Medical Center were they had excellent customer service from the security officer, registration and billing dpt. and OR Staff were they treated me with courtesy, and gave all the instructions and all related health care with a smile in their faces. I thank God and the Virgin Mary for letting me know and be treated by such awesome and amazing group of Professionals at Eye Care Specialist in Florida, LLC and Poinciana Medical Center guided by Dr. Saira A. Choudhri and Lynn and the rest of staff! Looking forward for my right eye next cataract Surgery in the Future! Amen

Juan Deleon

Great Staff. Amazing Doctor.


Dr Choudhri is an excellent eye surgeon. She is very knowledgeable and has an excellent bedside manner. Her staff are courteous and helpful. I recommend her highly.


Amazing doctor very knowledgable. she is an excellent surgeon with wonderful bedside manner that puts patients at ease. I recommend her to all my family and friends in need of eye care.


I had my cataract surgery done by her. Would highly recommend her.


Dr. Choudhri was very genial when I came for my appointment, her diagnosis was on the dot and she had multiple alternatives for treatment. I would 100% recommend her to my friends.


, amazing personality,,,,and an excellent eye surgeon.

Beverley Crossman

I had an appointment for a second opinion with the Dr. All the staff were receptive and very polite. The Dr was professional, she listened, examined my eyes and then explained her findings. She also suggested aalternative prescription to discuss with my optician. What she said was so reassuring, that I have decided to go ahead with my other eyes surgery. Thanks Dr. Beverley.

Jan Carr

Very reassuring and good about explaining surgery and possible problems and how they will be addressed.

Alicia Pareja

Wonderful attention

Janet Henningsen

This was my first visit to see Dr. Saira. I found the staff friendly and professional. It was a pleasure to meet Dr. Saira, and I look forward to being one of her patients.

Vivian C.

It is always pleasant coming to your office. Dr. Saira and her staff are very knowledgeable, courteous, caring and kind.

Angel Santos

Staff very friendly and helpful. Dr took extra attention and explained all in details. Only suggestion, appointment time needs to improve, 45 min wait since my appointment time.

Sara McPeak

Great job, thank you.

Theodell Blake

A Good experience.

Monica Thon

Everyone is very friendly here. My time in the waiting room was a little bit long, but not enough to be an inconvenience.This is one doctor's office that I don't mind visiting.

Vickie Torres

I was very pleased with my first visit and your service. Looking forward to seeing you again soon. Thank you.

Rhea P.

Well, this is embarrassing. Should I tell? Of course. So, after the Color Run, I had trouble taking out my contact lens. I have worn contacts for at least 7 years with only one minor mishap. This is the second, more ridiculous and expensive mishap. I had a big glob in my eye, and I'm sure the color powder had something to do with it. I wanted someone good to look at it. I found this place on my insurance website. Having no clue as to whom to choose, I decided to pick a doctor that appeared to have an East Indian name. Dr. Saira Choudhri. Perfect. The office was kind of hard to find, but I did after some driving around. It's across from the Loop behind the Vitamin Shoppe in a professional office park. I just felt like everyone in the waiting room was old. I was the only young person. The feel was clinical, and rather impersonal. It needs warmth. Not a discount, just an observation. Dr. Saira Choudhri is more qualified than necessary. More beautiful than necessary. So, here I am, with blue still coming out of my nose from color run, and now yellow coming out of eyes, with a gorgeous, overqualified eye doctor taking out my daily contact lens with no effort at all that I had been trying to get out for the past 3 days. And she tells me I have allergies in that eye, gives me my drops, and I am on my way. And I am suppose to see her again in 6 months. I felt as if I was dealing with competent people here who really know their stuff. It's a professional and clean environment, and would definitely recommend. I just don't think you'll go there to make BFF. See, told you it was ridiculous.

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