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Eye Disease Management & Treatment

Eye Disease Treated by Eye Care Specialists of Florida in Kissimmee

When your eyes are in trouble, you need a skilled expert in the management and treatment of eye diseases. Our Kissimmee ophthalmologist at Eye Care Specialists of Florida can treat conditions such as:


A cataract occurs when the lens of the eye becomes "cloudy." This condition commonly occurs with age, UV exposure, medications or certain underlying ailments. Fortunately, we can perform a quick and painless operation to replace that clouded lens with a crystal-clear artificial lens once your eyesight is no longer correctable through other means.


Glaucoma involves the progressive destruction of the optic nerve, usually in association with excessive intraocular eye pressure. If routine eye exams and vision testing indicate the presence of glaucoma, our Kissimmee ophthalmologist can prescribe a variety of treatments to reduce the fluid pressure -- from medications to stimulate drainage or reduce fluid production to surgical alteration of the eye's drainage mechanisms.

Diabetic Eye Disease

Diabetes damages the tiny blood vessels that nourish eye tissues. As these blood vessels are damaged, new and weaker blood vessels form, encouraging blood leakage and other serious problems. Treatment may involve regular injections of drugs to block abnormal blood vessel growth and surgery to stop blood leakage or remove blood-tainted vitreous fluid.

Macular Degeneration

Macular degeneration is a progressive condition that damages the macula, the part of the retina that handles central vision. While it isn't reversible, we can slow its progress through treatments including injected medications, laser surgery and dietary or lifestyle recommendations to support optimal macular health,

Dry Eye

Dry may be caused by a lack of tear production, an imbalance in the tear film, overuse of monitor screens that encourage the eyes to blink infrequently, and/or environmental factors such as ceiling fans and air conditioning. Our Kissimmee ophthalmologist will evaluate your tear production/consistency to determine whether you need eye drops, lifestyle changes, punctal plugs to help the eye retain moisture or expression of the glands that produce oils for tear film.


This inflammation of the eyelid may be caused by dandruff, bacteria or glandular eyelid problems; it typically causes morning eye crusting, itching, the feeling that something is in your eye and possible corneal issues. There is no outright cure for this annoying problem, but we can recommend a home care regimen to help you enjoy healthier, more comfortable eyes and eyelids.

Flashes/Floaters & Vitreous Detachment

Bits of collagen fiber may detach from the eye and float through the vitreous fluid, creating little dark or light spots in your vision. Retinal detachment may also be a precipitating factor. If the condition interferes with your daily vision, we can surgically remove the vitreous or use lasers to destory the floaters.

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