Diabetic Eye Disease

Diabetes is a serious disease that can affect many more organs than just your pancreas. Some people do not realize that several eye diseases are caused by or made worse by diabetes. Diabetes can affect the eyes in several different ways. At Eye Care Specialists of Florida, our ophthalmologist has been providing residents of Kissimmee, FL with diabetic eye disease treatment services for many years. While people who have recently been diagnosed with diabetes tend not to have vision problems immediately after being diagnosed, there are some common symptoms to be on the lookout for.

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Blurred Vision

This is usually one of the first symptoms that people who suffer from diabetes notice, but it usually occurs after a change in lifestyle or medication. This symptom is usually caused by the blood vessels in the tissues around the eye constricting or expanding in response to changes in blood glucose levels. This causes the tissues to swell, putting pressure on the eye, changing its shape, and causing blurry vision. As your body adjusts to the new glucose level, the swelling will reduce and your vision will become clearer.

If your blood vessels stay swollen for a long period, however, this blurred vision could become permanent. Over time, damaged blood vessels can burst, and new blood vessels can start to grow in the eye. In some cases, this can lead to total vision loss. If you start to notice changes in your vision, schedule an appointment with our ophthalmology professionals to determine the extent of the damage and discuss ways to reduce swelling.

Bulging Veins or Eyes

Damage to the blood vessels in and around the eye can cause a host of issues. One of the first signs that this is occurring is if you see your eyes bulging or if you see the small blood vessels in and around your eye bulging or leaking into your eye. This can cause permanent vision loss if medical attention is not sought.

Blind Spots

Damaged blood vessels will also damage the macula, which is needed to focus light.  If you notice blind spots or "floaters" inpour vision, call our eye doctor as soon as possible.

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