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You probably know that diabetes can do terrible things to the body, but did you know that it can also deprive you of your eyesight? The same high blood sugar that damages the circulatory system throughout the body can also wreak havoc on the blood vessels that nourish the eye, potentially leading to blindness if undetected and untreated. Here at Eye Care Specialists of Florida, we take our role in preserving area residents' vision seriously. That is why we are proud to offer care for diabetic eye disease in Kissimmee, FL.

How Diabetes Damages the Eye

Diabetes is a condition in which the body cannot direct glucose, or sugar, from the bloodstream into the cells properly. The excess glucose in the blood can damage blood vessels, including the tiny, delicate blood vessels inside the eye. When the blood vessels that serve the retina become damaged, the light-sensitive retinal cells may die off. Bleeding beneath the macula, the part of the retina that governs central vision, can cause swelling, impairing this all-important aspect of your eyesight.

All of these symptoms may occur in the earlier non-proliferative stage of diabetic eye disease. In the later or proliferative stage, the eye tries to compensate for the blood vessel damage by creating a number of new blood vessels. Unfortunately, these new blood vessels tend to be weak-walled and prone to leaking blood into the eye, clouding the gel-like vitreous humor and causing serious vision loss.

Diabetic Eye Disease Diagnosis and Treatment

Nearly half of all diabetic Americans show some degree of diabetic eye disease. Symptoms include spots, floaters, blurriness or blank areas in your vision. But symptoms don't always appear until the disease is advanced -- and many people don't even realize they have diabetes until a routine eye exam reveals the presence of diabetic eye disease. This makes comprehensive eye exams invaluable, not only for early detection of eye problems but also to alert you to this serious systemic disorder.

If you have diabetic eye disease, first and foremost we will urge you to work with your doctor to get the condition under control. Non-proliferative diabetic eye disease is best controlled simply by controlling your blood sugar. Proliferative diabetic eye disease can be treated with drugs to inhibit the formation of abnormal blood vessels. We may also recommend laser therapy to seal leaky blood vessels or surgery to replace clouded vitreous humor with clear saline.

Schedule an Eye Exam of Treatment for Diabetic Eye Disease in Kissimmee, FL

It is absolutely critical to catch diabetic eye disease symptoms as early as possible. That is a great reason to schedule a comprehensive eye exam right here at Eye Care Specialists of Florida. If you have already received a diagnosis, you can schedule the treatment you need to fight diabetic eye disease in Kissimmee, FL. Call us at (407) 483-0328 today.

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