If you're experiencing an itchy, flaky, swollen eyelid, it could be blepharitis. This common condition causes itching, swelling, and irritation of your eyelids, along with flakes that can look like dandruff. Working with Eye Care Specialists of Florida can help treat this condition. We're happy to help patients in the Kissimmee, FL area, and our ophthalmologist can work with you to treat blepharitis and other conditions. 


What Is Blepharitis?

Blepharitis is a common eye condition, and if you're dealing with it, you're definitely not alone. It typically happens due to inflammation of the tiny oil glands located along the inner eyelid, and is most often seen with allergies or other types of skin conditions. However, it can also occur by itself.

Because it's common, our eye doctor will likely recognize quickly and can get you the help you need to treat it. Additionally, working with our ophthalmologist can reassure you that it's not a serious problem, isn't going to damage your vision, and is something that can be treated effectively, so you can have peace of mind and get back to living your life.

How Is It Treated?

Once blepharitis is diagnosed, you'll need to follow our eye doctor's recommendations on treatment to help clear it up quickly. Cleaning your eyelids is an important part of treatment, as that can help reduce the inflammation. You may also be given certain types of eye drops. In most cases, there isn't any lasting harm to your vision, or damage to your eyelid.

Is Blepharitis Contagious?

The good news with blepharitis is that it's not a contagious condition. You can't give it to someone else by interacting with them, or even by sharing towels, sheets, clothing, or anything else that might come into contact with your eyelids. It's safe to go to work and engage in any other types of activities that would mean being around people.

Will This Condition Come Back?

Even though blepharitis isn't serious, it does tend to come back again once you've had it before. If you notice a flareup starting, it's important to see your eye doctor and get started on treating it right away. That can help it clear up faster, so the itching, dry eye, and other symptoms that can come with it go away faster and aren't as frustrating as they could otherwise be.

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