Double Vision

Causes and Treatment for Double Vision

double vision Most people have experienced episodes of temporary double vision (diplopia) due to lack of sleep, severe headache or drinking too much alcohol. However, if double vision continues without a discernible reason, you should see your Ophthalmologist as soon as possible for an eye exam. Seeing "double" could indicate a serious, underlying condition requiring intensive and immediate treatment.

Possible Causes of Double Vision

Conditions affecting the brain, optic nerve or circulatory system may produce double vision. These include but are not limited to:

  • Strokes
  • Head injuries
  • Brain tumors
  • Brain aneurysms

Clear vision depends on your eyes (specifically the retina) receiving light messages and relaying those messages to the brain for interpretation. Strokes and tumors typically affect only one side of your brain. This means having a stroke or brain injury on the left side of the brain could cause double vision in the right side vision of each eye, and vice versa. When strokes, tumors or brain injuries impact both sides of the brain, partial or total blindness may occur.

Eye-Related Causes of Double Vision


You may have double vision and see "ghost" images if you have keratoconus or corneal deterioration. People with keratoconus have cone-shaped or bulging corneas that interfere with the transmission of light images to the retina and optic nerve. Corneal dystrophies affecting the functioning and/or dimensions of the cornea can also produce double vision and ghost images. Specialty corneal transplants is standard treatment for keratoconus and corneal dystrophy.

Severe Dry Eyes

Poor quality or insufficient tears impair vision, promote development of infections and prevent your eyelids from spreading any fluid over the eyes during blinking. Treatment for eliminating blurry vision due to dry eyes includes lubricating eye drops or insertion of punctual plugs to increase eye fluid content.

Cranial Nerve Palsy

If muscles controlling the teaming and positioning of the eyes suffers paralysis, double vision may occur as the eyes struggle to focus on one objects. Diabetes, high blood pressure, artery blockage, head injury and tumors are primary causes of cranial nerve palsy. Treatment involves vision therapy and embedding prisms in eyeglass lenses to reduce severity of double vision.

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