Prokera is a therapeutic device that is only available by prescription. The active ingredient in Prokera is amniotic fluid derived from the innermost layer of a placenta. This natural substance has been used for centuries to treat various eye conditions. Prokera is thought to work by creating a barrier on the eye's surface that protects it from irritation. Our eye doctor at Eye Care Specialists Of Florida Kissimmee uses Prokera to provide the following benefits.


Dry Eye Treatment

An experienced eye surgeon will ensure that the Prokera lens is the right fit for your eye and that it will not cause further irritation. The Prokera lens is designed to be worn during the day and removed at night. It is essential to follow your eye doctor's instructions on how to use Prokera.

Prokera is an effective treatment for dry eye. Patients who used Prokera experienced a significant decrease in dry eye symptoms. Most patients in the study were able to discontinue the use of artificial tears.

Reduction of Inflammation

When you visit an ophthalmologist for Prokera treatment, the Prokera lens will be placed on your eye. The amniotic fluid in the Prokera lens will help to reduce inflammation and pain. In a study published in the "Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery," patients who used Prokera significantly reduced inflammation. This is a welcome aspect that can quicken the healing process.

Healing of Corneal Ulcers

Corneal ulcers are open sores on the surface of the eye. They can be caused by a bacterial or viral infection or an eye injury. Prokera has been shown to promote the healing of corneal ulcers. In a study published in the "American Journal of Ophthalmology," patients who used Prokera significantly decreased the size of their corneal ulcers. Ophthalmology will ensure that the Prokera lens is the right fit for your eye and that it will not cause further irritation.

A Natural Treatment to Dry Eye

Various dry eye treatments are available, but many of them rely on artificial tears to provide relief. Prokera is a natural alternative that is effective in the treatment of dry eye. If you are looking for a safe and effective way to treat your dry eye, ask our eye doctor if Prokera is right for you.

Prokera Available in Kissimmee, FL

The first step to receiving Prokera treatment is a comprehensive eye exam. This will help our ophthalmologist determine if you are a good candidate for this treatment. At Eye Care Specialists of Florida in Kissimmee, we are proud to offer Prokera treatment to our patients. Call us today at (407) 483-0328 for more information or to schedule an appointment with our eye doctor. 

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