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Your eyes need and deserve top-quality care, and that means having ready access to the widest possible range of eye care services. An ordinary optometrist cannot provide that range of care -- but Eye Care Specialists of Florida can. Our Kissimmee ophthalmologist, Dr. Saira A. Choudhri, can provide not only routine eye evaluations, vision correction and basic treatment; she can also administer advanced treatments for eye diseases and disorders, up to and including surgery. Take a look at the variety of eye services you and your loved ones can experience at our clinic.

Comprehensive Eye & Vision Exams

Regular eye exams ensure that we catch any eye problems as early as possible, allowing us to administer treatment before extensive damage occurs. Our advanced diagnostic testing methods include OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography), digital imaging of both the interior and exterior of the eye, visual field testing and tonometry (intraocular pressure testing). Visual acuity testing enables us to determine exactly hat kind of corrective prescription, if any, you may need.

Dry Eye Center

Dry eyes can produce chronic irritation, redness, itching and vision issues, including possible damage to the corneas if left untreated. Our Dry Eye Center can evaluate the reason for your dry eyes, prescribe the necessary nutrients or medications to get the problem under control, and accelerate corneal healing through procedures such as PROKERA.

Eye Disease Treatment & Management

Eye diseases can range in severity from mild discomfort to permanent vision loss. Our Kissimmee ophthalmologist has the skills and training to treat blepharitis, glaucoma, diabetic eye disease, macular degeneration, and issues such as flashers, floaters and vitreous detachment.

Eye Surgery

One thing that sets our Kissimmee ophthalmologist apart from many eye doctors is the ability to perform cataract removal surgery. These procedures can reward you with a clarity of vision you haven't enjoyed in years -- and instead of requiring a referral from one eye doctor to another, you can get your pre-operative care, surgery and follow-up evaluations all from the same practitioner.

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As valuable as all of these eye care services are, perhaps the most important of them all is also the most routine. Schedule a comprehensive eye exam by calling Eye Care Specialists of Florida at (407) 483-0328 today!

Treatment and Management of Eye Disease

Advanced Diagnostic Testing

  • OCT
  • Digital Imaging (Internal and External)
  • Visual Field Testing

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