Eye Lid Scrubs

Help for Dry Eyes with HypoChlor Lid Scrub at Eye Care Specialist of Florida

Do you or a loved one suffer from dry eye? Dry eye is an uncomfortable condition that we treat patients for on a routine basis here at Eye Care Specialist of Florida. Our Kissimmee ophthalmologist recommends HypoChlor Lid Scrub as treatment option for dry eye.

Eyelid Scrubs

Eyelid scrubs, such as the HypoChlor Lid Scrub or Cliradex foam, are convenient cleaning solutions for the face and eye. Cliradex provides natural gentle, all-natural relief from symptoms of blepharitis and dry eye, including eye irritation and red eye. HypoChlor provides an extra boost for cleansing the eyelids, including anti-bacterial cleansing, suitable for use in severe cases of dry eye.

Cliradex Towelette for Dry Eye

Like the Cliradex cleansing foam, the Cliradex Towelette, is an all-natural, modern solution for eye lid cleaning. Towelettes provide on-the-go convenience for maintaining eyelid health can finding relief of itchy, dry, or inflamed eyelids.

How Our Ophthalmologist can Help Prevent, Manage and Treat Dry Eye

Dr. Saira A. Choudhri, your preferred Kissimmee ophthalmologist, has been treating patients with dry eye for many years. After conducting a thorough examination and determining the proper course of treatment, the eye doctor will explain how eyelid scrubs can take care of the problem.

Keep in mind that your eye doctor will have suggestions for changes you can make at home, work and school. For example, some lifestyle adjustments may be appropriate, such as avoiding staring at computer screens for too long without taking a break and giving your eyes periodic relief. Eye drops may also be useful, depending on your situation and according to the eye doctor’s assessment.

Anything meant to be put on your eyes, such as eye drops or scrubs should be used only after following the doctor’s instructions and reading the manufacturer’s information about proper usage. 

You need to visit the eye doctor because prescription strength eyelid scrubs are actually categorized as a medical device. They are not something to buy without having a consultation with your eye doctor, to make sure they are appropriate for you to use.

Find Dry Eye Relief with our Ophthalmologist in Kissimmee, FL Today!

Your dry eyes will start to feel relief once your preferred ophthalmologist develops a treatment plan, which typically will use a Cliradex Towelette or HypoChlor Lid Scrub for optimal results. To learn more about the use of eyelid scrub or to book your appointment for a consultation and treatment, call Eye Care Specialist of Florida today at (407) 483-0328.

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