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  • Can Eyelid Scurbs Help Treat Dry Eye Syndrome?
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Can Eyelid Scurbs Help Treat Dry Eye Syndrome?

Can Eyelid Scrubs Help Treat Dry Eye Syndrome?

Blepharitis causes the eyelids to become inflamed. This inflammation causes the eyes to itch and turn red. It also causes the eyelids to swell and leads to scaly patches around the eyes. When this happens, it is generally because the eyelids have been infected with some kind of external bacteria. If you have these symptoms, it's time to see an ophthalmologist or eye surgeon to have the condition examined. At Eye Care Specialists of Florida, we have years of experience providing Kissimmee, FL residents with reliable ophthalmology services.

Dry Eye and Blepharitis

Often, these two conditions occur together. About half of the people who have blepharitis also have dry eye. This may be because when the eyes are dry, they are less able to fight off a bacterial invasion. Using a wet, warm towel on your eyes can provide temporary relief by adding moisture to the eye and reducing swelling. Cases of blepharitis vary in intensity and can last anywhere from a couple of weeks to several months. Children with blepharitis often carry the condition into adulthood.

Scrubbing the Eyelids

Another way to treat this condition is to use a diluted shampoo to clean the eyelids. It is often recommended for patients to use a baby shampoo diluted with water. This type of shampoo, especially with it being diluted, should not sting the eyes. It may be necessary to repeat this scrubbing as often as daily. If you are suffering from a persistent case of dry eye or blepharitis, our eye doctor will examine your eye and provide you with the most effective dry eye treatment possible.

Dry Eye Treatment in Kissimmee

At Eye Care Specialists of Florida, we have years of experience providing Kissimmee residents with effective dry eye treatment. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call us at (407) 483-0328.

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  • Dr. Choudhri did a beautiful job. It was a short time. I was very scared. But all went beautifully. Dr. Choudhri was son nice and caring. I can’t wait for the other eye to be done. Thank you and your staff for the loving support. You are the best.

    - C.H.
  • Dr. Choudhri was extremely professional and thorough with my eye exam. She explained all of the procedures to me and was very patient with my questions. The staff is also helpful, kind, and knowledgeable. I recommend this doctor.

    - Pam L. / Kissimmee, FL
  • I always look for excellent customer service, highly professional care and comfortable facility. Our experience met all our expectations.

    - Maria A
  • My grandmother was suffering from a real bad pain in her right eye, after a few days we notice she was suffering from her cataract. I quickly called this office and they scheduled us right away and took care of her like if she was their own grandmother. I am forever grateful for this team. The girls in the front are exceptionally sweet, and thoughtful. I can recommend this office to anyone who is suffering from cataract and/or eye problem.

    - Keisha D
  • My experience with eye care specialist has been beyond exceptional. The staff is super friendly and they truly do care for their patients. I had a very dense cataract and the doctor made it a point to get it removed with just one surgery. I cannot express how much I admire this place and the staff believe me if you come here you too will be very happy. They take the time to evaluate and ensure that you are taken care of 100%. Thanks so much!!!

    - Izabella R
  • Dr. Choudhri is a very great doctor... For the first time, i have the cataract surgery and it was a success... The staff that works at her office are the best... Great Customer service!! I will definitely be recommended to people....

    - Javiel V