Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery

Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery Provided by Our Kissimmee Eye Surgeon

Some people require plastic surgery conducted by an ophthalmologist to correct an eye issue that either stems from trauma or a congenital problem. We may also perform it to reverse the signs of aging or remove warts, just to name a few examples. At Eye Care Specialists of Florida, serving Kissimmee, FL, and the nearby region, our doctor performs surgery to correct problems that affect a person's confidence and sometimes eye health as well.

Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery Provided by Our Kissimmee Eye Surgeon

Types of Surgeries We Offer 


As you age, your skin thins and loses volume. You'll also notice sagging and stretched skin. In many cases, your eyelids are the first to experience problems. Sometimes, the skin just causes self-consciousness. Sometimes, the skin sags so much that it interferes with your vision. You may be able to reverse the damage through a surgical procedure with our ophthalmologist. One possible procedure we perform is blepharoplasty, which is a procedure to correct defects and deformities of the eyelids. 

Eyelid Reconstruction 

Eyelid reconstruction is a procedure that our eye doctor uses to restore your eyelid. Sometimes, we have to transfer tissue from adjacent areas -- a procedure that's known as a skin graft. 

Tumor Removal

Your eyelids are sensitive, especially to the sun. It's possible to develop a tumor on your eyelid. It's also possible for it to be cancerous. Our eye surgeon removes the tumor and is able to biopsy it. Sometimes, the area is a wart or stye. These tend to go away on their own, but for growths that don't heal on their own, our eye doctor can remove them. 

How We Diagnose Problems

The first step toward getting ophthalmic plastic surgery is coming to our office for us to evaluate your issue. We gather data about your medical history, so we're aware of any problems you've had in the past. Then, we examine your eye. We inquire about any problems with your vision you're having as a result of your issue. Once we make a diagnosis, you'll know if your issue requires surgery and if you qualify for a procedure. 

About Eye Surgeries

Generally, you'll receive a general anesthetic, so you're not awake during the procedure. The rest of the surgery varies based on your procedure.


Insurance may or may not cover all or part of your procedure. If your issue is strictly cosmetic, you'll need to pay for the procedure out-of-pocket. However, if your issue affects your health, insurance may cover part or all of your procedure. You might only be responsible to pay the copay and deductibles.

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