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Intraocular Lens Options from Your Kissimmee Eye Doctor

The human eye contains a special structure known as the lens which refracts incoming light and focuses it into usable visual data. Problems such as cataracts can cause progressive loss of function in your lenses, necessitating their replacement with artificial intraocular lenses, or IOLs. If you're facing the prospect of cataract surgery, you should know that modern lens options can not only restore your vision -- they can actually make it better than it was before the cataracts appeared. Our Kissimmee eye doctor at Eye Care Specialists of Florida, Dr. Choudhri, can help you choose the ideal corrective intraocular lenses for your needs.

Woman's eye after seeing kissimmee, FL eye doctor about intraocular lenses

How Intraocular Lenses Have Revolutionized Cataract Care

Removal of the eye's natural lens is required if a cataract clouds the lens so severely that you can't enjoy usable vision out of the affected eye. Before the 1980s, cataract surgeons simply removed the diseased lens without replacing it, forcing patients to use thick glasses or contacts. The first generation of intraocular lenses approved as lens replacements were simple monovision lenses that could only correct vision for one distance range, meaning that many recipients had to use reading glasses or other corrective lenses to see clearly at other distances. To make matters worse, these lenses were perfectly spherical, not slightly aspherical as real human lenses are. This tended to cause small but annoying optical oddities known as higher-order aberrations.

The current generation of intraocular lenses have resolved those earlier issues. Modern IOLs can now correct for multiple distance fields, and premium IOLs are made in aspherical shapes to banish higher-order aberrations. These lenses can also do an excellent job of correcting for refractive errors -- so excellent, in fact, that they are sometimes recommended as an alternative to LASIK surgery with people with severe corrective lens prescriptions (refractive lens exchange).

Intraocular Lenses for a Variety of Circumstances

If our Kissimmee eye doctor has advised you to consider cataract surgery or refractive lens exchange as a long-term vision correction strategy, rest assured that you have some state-of-the-art lens options to choose from. While you may still be fine with the idea of receiving monovision lenses for distance and using glasses for closer work, you also have the option of multifocal lenses that correct for all vision fields at once. You can also opt for a monovision distance-vision lens in one eye and a monovision near-vision lens in the other, with the brain using whichever field it needs at any given moment.

Toric IOLs are another exciting option if you have astigmatism. We can place these specially-shaped lenses so that they line up precisely with the corneal deformations that cause your astigmatism.

Ask Our Kissimmee Eye Doctor about Intraocular Lenses

Call Eye Care Specialists of Florida at (407) 483-0328 for a consultation with our Kissimmee eye doctor. We can help you get the maximum benefit from your lens replacement procedure!


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