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Advanced Cataract Surgery from Our Kissimmee Ophthalmologist

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Cataracts typically occur with age, although certain diseases and lifestyle habits can accelerate their development. The lens of the eye becomes think and opaque, losing its ability to relay light to the retina properly. While surgery to remove cataracts has existed for centuries, it used to be a difficult and risky experience, with an extended recovery period. Modern cataract surgery, however, has turned it into a quick, non-traumatic outpatient procedure that produces excellent results almost instantly. After anesthetizing the eye, tiny incisions are made to open up a flap in the "capsule" that holds the lens in place (capsulotomy). A small ultrasound instrument then breaks up the diseased lens, a process we call phacoemulsification, and the pieces are removed. We then slip an artificial IOL (intraocular lens) into the flap.

Eye Care Specialists of Florida offers the most advanced type of cataract surgery available. Instead of a scalpel, our Kissimmee ophthalmologist feeds a 3-D digital scan of the eye capsule to a sophisticated laser called a femtolaser. The laser then creates the incision with pinpoint accuracy and even helps to break up the lens, allowing us to use less ultrasound. The extraordinary precision of laser-directed capsulotomy allows for the most accurate IOL placement possible.

In a small percentage of cases, abnormal proteins may re-grow in the lens capsule, causing new fogging of vision. Fortunately, our advanced laser technology can correct this issue as well. Our Yttrium-Aluminum Garnet (YAB) laser can quickly and permanently get rid of this unwanted complication.

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One of the nicest things about modern laser surgery is that we can combine refractive correction and cataract removal in the same procedure. Call (407) 483-0328 to ask our Kissimmee ophthalmologist about our advanced eye surgery services!

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