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Importance Of A Childrens Eye Exam

Importance of a Children’s Eye Exam in Kissimmee, FL

Child receiving eye exam

Identifying vision problems early in childhood is essential, and many schools require students to have an eye exam prior to registration for good reason. Children typically respond better to early treatment, which requires early identification. Furthermore, poor vision can lead to poor performance in school, causing undue stress on them and concerned educators. Don’t delay these vital exams, as the vision screening provided at schools can only detect possible issues and aren’t designed to identify potential diseases or complex eye problems. Here’s more concerning when and why youngsters should undergo a comprehensive eye exam in Kissimmee, FL.

When Should Children Have Their First Eye Exam?

The American Optometric Association (AOA) recommends that infants undergo an eye exam at six months of age. While they will not be able to read the letters on the eye chart, this examination allows the optometrist to look for early warning signs of eye problems. If no issues are detected, the AOA advises the next visit to take place at the age of three, and then again just before entering school at age five or six. After age six, appointments are recommended biannually unless a refractive error requiring glasses or contacts is detected, in which annual exams are called for.

What an Optometrist Looks for During Children’s Eye Exams

The eye exam will be customized for each patient’s age and medical issues, as well as family members vision and health history. Be as specific as possible with your child’s pre-examination forms, being sure to include information concerning:

  • Failed vision screenings.
  • History of premature birth.
  • Motor development delays.
  • Allergies and current medications.
  • Excessive blinking or frequent eye rubbing.
  • Inability to maintain eye contact or a fixed gaze.
  • Poor hand-eye coordination or eye tracking skills.

Armed with this information, the optometrist will go on to check your child for any refractive errors that may require prescription lenses. They’ll also evaluate the eyelids and inner eye for any signs of issues like glaucoma or diabetes. Exams include checking for amblyopia, (lazy eye) strabismus, (eye misalignment) focusing ability, peripheral awareness, depth perception, and color vision. If corrective glasses or contacts are recommended, our team can help you choose the perfect pair of frames or contact lenses for your child.

Schedule Your Child’s Exam at Eye Care Specialists of Florida Today

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  • Dr. Choudhri did a beautiful job. It was a short time. I was very scared. But all went beautifully. Dr. Choudhri was son nice and caring. I can’t wait for the other eye to be done. Thank you and your staff for the loving support. You are the best.

    - C.H.
  • Dr. Choudhri was extremely professional and thorough with my eye exam. She explained all of the procedures to me and was very patient with my questions. The staff is also helpful, kind, and knowledgeable. I recommend this doctor.

    - Pam L. / Kissimmee, FL
  • I always look for excellent customer service, highly professional care and comfortable facility. Our experience met all our expectations.

    - Maria A
  • My grandmother was suffering from a real bad pain in her right eye, after a few days we notice she was suffering from her cataract. I quickly called this office and they scheduled us right away and took care of her like if she was their own grandmother. I am forever grateful for this team. The girls in the front are exceptionally sweet, and thoughtful. I can recommend this office to anyone who is suffering from cataract and/or eye problem.

    - Keisha D
  • My experience with eye care specialist has been beyond exceptional. The staff is super friendly and they truly do care for their patients. I had a very dense cataract and the doctor made it a point to get it removed with just one surgery. I cannot express how much I admire this place and the staff believe me if you come here you too will be very happy. They take the time to evaluate and ensure that you are taken care of 100%. Thanks so much!!!

    - Izabella R
  • Dr. Choudhri is a very great doctor... For the first time, i have the cataract surgery and it was a success... The staff that works at her office are the best... Great Customer service!! I will definitely be recommended to people....

    - Javiel V