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  • Dry Eye Syndrome: Is Lipiflow Right For You?
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Dry Eye Syndrome: Is Lipiflow Right For You?

Kissimmee Ophthalmologist Talks About Lipiflow: Is it Right for Your Dry Eye Syndrome?

Dry eyes are a common condition. Most sufferers complain of itchy, stinging, and burning sensations. The condition occurs when you either don't produce sufficient tears, or you have tears, but their composition is inadequate. Dry eye syndrome has historically been treated with prescription eye drops, but now, Eye Care Specialists of Florida in Kissimmee are offering the LipiFlow dry eye treatment.

The Cause of Dry Eye Syndrome

Dr. Saira Choudhri is an eye surgeon at our eye care clinic in Kissimmee, and he attributes dry eye syndrome to meibomian gland dysfunction. Blockages prevent the Meibomian glands from secreting sufficient oil that keep your eyes lubricated. LipiFlow clears those blockages with a precise application of heat and massage on both the inner and outer eyelids. No eye surgery is necessary, and LipiFlow treatment is fast too. Your doctor might be able to perform the procedure in as little as 15 minutes. When the Meibomian glands are cleared, they once again produce essential oils for the eyes, and dry eye syndrome is relieved.

Your Kissimmee Ophthalmologists Carefully Apply LipiFlow

LipiFlow is a device that uses activators which are attached to the eyelids during the 15-minute heat and massage treatment. Eye surgeon Dr. Choudhri is deeply committed to the comfort and safety of his patients. The LipiFlow activators are specifically designed to prevent transfer of heat or pressure to the eyeballs, so their structure remains protected.

Talk to Our Doctor about Avoiding Surgery

Diagnosing and treating dry eye syndrome can be complicated. With patience and a careful diagnostic approach, you may learn that you're a suitable candidate for LipiFlow treatment. Contact us at Eye Care Specialists of Florida in Kissimmee for a dry eye syndrome examination and LipiFlow evaluation. You may experience relief with a single 15-minute treatment. Give us a call at (407) 483-0328.

Contact us to request an appointment today.

  • Dr. Choudhri did a beautiful job. It was a short time. I was very scared. But all went beautifully. Dr. Choudhri was son nice and caring. I can’t wait for the other eye to be done. Thank you and your staff for the loving support. You are the best.

    - C.H.
  • Dr. Choudhri was extremely professional and thorough with my eye exam. She explained all of the procedures to me and was very patient with my questions. The staff is also helpful, kind, and knowledgeable. I recommend this doctor.

    - Pam L. / Kissimmee, FL
  • I always look for excellent customer service, highly professional care and comfortable facility. Our experience met all our expectations.

    - Maria A
  • My grandmother was suffering from a real bad pain in her right eye, after a few days we notice she was suffering from her cataract. I quickly called this office and they scheduled us right away and took care of her like if she was their own grandmother. I am forever grateful for this team. The girls in the front are exceptionally sweet, and thoughtful. I can recommend this office to anyone who is suffering from cataract and/or eye problem.

    - Keisha D
  • My experience with eye care specialist has been beyond exceptional. The staff is super friendly and they truly do care for their patients. I had a very dense cataract and the doctor made it a point to get it removed with just one surgery. I cannot express how much I admire this place and the staff believe me if you come here you too will be very happy. They take the time to evaluate and ensure that you are taken care of 100%. Thanks so much!!!

    - Izabella R
  • Dr. Choudhri is a very great doctor... For the first time, i have the cataract surgery and it was a success... The staff that works at her office are the best... Great Customer service!! I will definitely be recommended to people....

    - Javiel V