Treatment Options for Your Cornea Anomalies

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What Is Corneal Collagen Cross-Linking?

Corneal Cross-Linking may also be referred to as CXL. It is an outpatient procedure that can treat conditions of the cornea such as keratoconus. It strengthens and stabilizes the cornea and allows further measurements to take place after the initial measurement. The first stage consists of liquid riboflavin being applied to the cornea then medical exposure of the eye to ultraviolet light. This creates new links between collagen fibers in the application and between the fibers made of collagen within the cornea.

The people who are most receptive to corneal cross-linking are those whose corneas are already irregular in shape and have vision loss due to corneal abnormalities. The earlier corneal cross-linking is applied the better, the better the results will be.

This procedure is performed in-office, is minimally invasive, and is the first step to saving your vision in many cases. An eye surgeon consultation on this outpatient surgery will clear up any concerns you may have, and provide you with further information. Do not delay treatment. Many eye diseases and defects will get progressively worse as times goes on and it is not always possible to restore lost vision.

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  • Dr. Choudhri did a beautiful job. It was a short time. I was very scared. But all went beautifully. Dr. Choudhri was son nice and caring. I can’t wait for the other eye to be done. Thank you and your staff for the loving support. You are the best.

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